A powerful tool for static site generation and publishing.


Haiku9 (H9) is a command-line static site generator. Build your site with:

H9 handles all the asset pre-compliation details. You get a simple Web server for development and the reliablity of AWS global infrastructure for production.

QuickStart Guide

H9 requires Node 4+

$ npm install -g haiku9

The executable h9 is added to your shell.

H9 is built around simple subcommands you will invoke during the project lifecycle. Configuration details are stored in h9.yaml, a file placed into your project's root. The specifics of that file are fully documented in these JSON schema docs, but the most imporant fields are:

With those two fields specified, you can run a local Web server to test out H9 functionality.

$ h9 serve
. Output from processing
Haiku9 HTTP server listening on port 1337.

Direct your browser to localhost:1337 to see your static site in action.

Subcommand Guides

Here are more detailed guides on how to use H9's commands.


Initiate a local static server to serve your content during development.


Compile your project assets into HTML/CSS/JS files.


Deploy your site to cloud infrastructure to be available on the Web.


This project is under active development. Please see the issues list to open your own or +1 your favorites.