SpaceX Wallpaper From

Who doesn’t want gorgeous space photography like this as their wallpaper? Photo credit: SpaceX

I am a fan of SpaceX and the work that they are doing to get the human race to Mars and beyond. I am also a fan of having new desktop wallpapers.

Browsing the web I saw a link to SpaceX’s profile, and instantly wanted their incredible photos as my desktop wallpaper. My goal was to always have the latest photo without constantly checking the Unsplash profile. So, I put my computer to work.

I wrote a small NodeJS bash script that checks SpaceX’s Unsplash profile, and then downloads the latest photo and sets it to my desktop wallpaper. I utilized an NPM package that lets you set the wallpaper on MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

There are a two small caveats that I hope to solve soon:

Check it out here: