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Today, every company is a software company or will soon become one. That's both a challenge — and an opportunity. Vault ahead of your competition — by partnering with ninja-level technical talent. Our remote engagement model give you access to the best talent, wherever it may be. We've been working remotely since our founding — which means you can embrace remote, without the risk.

Can I Get An Amen?

“Panda Strike has been invaluable in helping us meet crucial deadlines and deliver on important milestones for our clients. They've helped us rapidly introduce new features, handle complex data migrations from legacy systems, and improve response times for our Web platform by as much as 90%. Bottom line: Panda Strike helps us stay ahead of the competition.”

Thomas Barbour, VP Solutions Delivery, Comverge

“Our newest application Acapella is now #1 in the entire App Store, only 6 weeks after launching. Since Monday, we've had to scale up 8X to accommodate the demand. Just wanted to thank you for the early work you did to ensure that our services can scale.”

Ihung Tu, Founder and CEO, Mixcord

“Panda Strike delivered numerous dev ops improvements, including continuous deployment and auto scaling. We're able to save money and handle traffic at scale.”

Justin Hartfield, Founder and CEO, Ghost Group

What We Do

We do development and dev ops at scale, from concept to operations, for both Web and mobile. Technology platforms are evolving rapidly, from Node to Amazon Web Services to Docker, routinely disrupting entire markets overnight. And we have the decades of experience you need to turn all that disruption into opportunity.

How We Do It

Our clients testify to our technology leadership. But we also demonstrate our technology leadership through our acclaimed blog and our open source projects. These include a functional reactive programming library, a static site generator with built-in CDN support, and a tool for deploying scalable APIs using AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambas.


Ruby/Rails • Python/Django • PHP/WordPress • Node • JavaScript • Objective-C • Swift • Java (Android) • Amazon Web Services • Google Cloud Platform • High-Availability • High Performance • Redis • ElasticSearch • MongoDB • Postgres • MySQL • HTTP APIs • Microservices

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