High-Performance Web and Mobile Apps, Zero-Hassle Dev Ops

Node.js. ElasticSearch. VPCs. Redis. Autoscaling. Docker. Micro-services. ES6. Security and Cryptography. HTTP APIs. These are a few of the technologies we work with every day. How can we help you?

Why Panda Strike?


Today, application performance can mean many things. An experience that feels quick and light. Features that work…every time. Applications that are social…yet secure. An architecture that helps you grow. This is what we do.

Results-Oriented Innovation

We embrace innovation, but we test thoroughly. This makes it possible for you to benefit from new technology, without the risk. Technologies like Node, Docker, and ElasticSearch can create value for your business. We can help you realize that value.

A Seasoned Team

Our partners have decades of experience. We've worked together for years. We've successfully taken on a wide-variety of challenges. We have a track record of succesful innovation. And we've built a great team that can help you take your applications to the next level.

Transparent Approach

Working with a new technology partner takes a leap of faith. So we strive to show results from the first day of our engagement with you. And our Bamboo development model emphasizes documentation and tests over tribal knowledge. So you're always in control.

Panda Strike’s delivery of DevOps practices has allowed our engineers to focus on product development. We are delivering new features more quickly at the same time we are handling our product growth.

Joel SpitalnikVP Engineering, IRIS.TV

Panda Strike delivered numerous DevOps improvements, including continuous deployment and auto scaling. We're able to save money and handle traffic at scale.

Justin HartfieldFounder and CEO, Ghost Group

Our portfolio companies leverage Panda Strike to help solve hard and specialized problems, like advanced machine learning and scaling dev-ops.

Erik RennalaManaging Partner, MuckerLabs

Panda Strike is our go-to partner for dev-ops at scale.

Mike WynholdsCEO, Carbon Five