Meet the Pandas

Dan Yoder

Dan brings over three decades of experience in all aspects of the software industry to Panda Strike. Besides hacking and blogging, Dan enjoys fine spirits and the beaches of Santa Monica, and is the author of a techno-thriller about quantum computing.

Matthew King

Matthew has more than a decade of development experience in JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Python, and Ruby. He has deep expertise in a range of subjects, including HTTP APIs, finite state machines, and Internet Security. Matthew is a fan of Neal Stephenson and Stanislaw Lem, a student of libationology, and lives in near Austin, Texas, in a neighborhood that is currently undefeated against epic Texas wildfires.

Lance Lakey

Lance Lakey brings over a decade of experience in dev ops and Internet security. He has extensive experience with cloud computing, including continuous integration and deployment, auto-scaling, security, and high-availability. Lance enjoys a compelling variety of anime series, has an encylopedic knowledge of fine spirits, and has been known to channel to the soul of Bennie Goodman. Also, we suspect that Lance might be a Time Lord.

Max Imbert

Max has experience in iOS and Node, codes standing up on a treadmill, lives in downtown Los Angeles, makes his coffee with a vacuum siphon, includes photography and slacklining amongst his hobbies, and skateboards everywhere. Yet he's not a hipster. Why? Because he's French and they were hipsters before there was even a word for the concept.

Joseph Lepis

Joseph is an expert in Ruby, Rails, and Node. He lives in beautiful Hawaii. He actually does say aloha and is another of our novelists, specializing in crime fiction.

David Harper

David boasts strong skills in Node, JavaScript, and cloud computer. He was a molecular chemist until we pointed out to him that he could apply his talents to creating new forms of narcotics building groundbreaking Web and mobile applications.

Robb Wagoner

Robb has worked in operations for almost two decades. He's worked at startups in Seattle, tended bar in rural Ireland, and graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Southern Oregon University (in the reverse order). Today, he enjoys leveraging the power and flexibility of AWS, Ansible, and Python, in pursuit of continuous integration and delivery for Panda Strike's customers. When Robb is not automating the continuous things, he enjoys cooking with cast iron, hiking, camping, drinking fine coffee, experiencing new gins, making sausage, and smoking meats.

Jason Rush

Jason comes from a background in Ruby, front-end JavaScript, CoffeeScript, and Android development. He lives in Colorado, where he enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and many other mountain sports. Like Dan and Joseph, Jason also writes fiction (specializing in horror). He's working on his first novel and one of his short stories was featured on the award-winning horror fiction podcast Pseudopod. He's also been doing some pretty cool work over the last few years using XMPP to communicate with household devices like thermostats and switches. (We're hoping this work is unrelated to his interest in the horror genre.)

Tomas Neme

Tomas has a background in game programming and is an expert Python developer. He's into learning new languages the hard way, including JavaScript and Ruby. Tomas lives nowhere specific and has been changing countries every few months since late 2013, but isn't into the "digital nomad" label. Despite having lived in Japan— or perhaps even because he's lived in Japan— Tomas shares Oscar Wilde's suspicion that it doesn't actually exist.

Tony Rieker

Tony is serious about paintball. Back in high-school, he designed his own paintball gun. He also created PBNation, one of the top paintball sites in the world. So far, our clients haven't asked us for any paintball mercenaries, but we're ready if they do. In the meantime, Tony is our lead HCI developer, with experience in everything from Backbone to React. Tony likes to work on blinky LED art when he isn't coding for the web. He gets away from it all out on the forest roads with his VW camper.

Bennie Mosher

Bennie is a father twice-over, going on thrice. He's a beer lover (malts, however, are no good) and a woodworker, in addition to enjoying the occasional hiking or fishing trip. He's got an eye for design and experience with a variety of platforms and languages, including JavaScript, PHP, and Rails. He's worked with Michael Fleet at two prior jobs and suggested, disturbingly, that he considers Michael to be a Sith Lord.

Michael Fleet

Michael has been playing "appsec defense" for the e-commerce and finance industries for over 15 years. He was the Application Security Champion for the entire iOS platform at JPMorgan Chase & Co., a member of the Lookout for iOS team, and a member of NCC's .trust team before joining Panda Strike. He is a polyglot when it comes to nerdery, with expertise on a variety of platforms, including Rails, Node, HTTP APIs, and Docker, to name but a few. Michael wasted no time contributing to our open source projects, creating base64-words, which is the basis for the awesome random-words function in Fairmont. He's also a gamer, musician, and spends his weekends teaching kids about robots and electronics.

Nick Blanchard-Wright

According to LinkedIn, Nick did his undergraduate thesis on “nuclear transport of telomeric proteins.” So…we're pretty sure he has one or more superpowers due to a freak lab accident, but he's been coy about revealing them thus far. He also gave a fantastic BAH talk which transcended the genre.

Nick worked with Tony and Joseph at ForkFly (now CloudEngage), and both were in favor of a reunion. Joseph did mention an incident in which Nick shot lasers from his eyes, but apparently no one was hurt and Joseph felt it was “a one time thing.” Nick doesn't recall any such incident, and so our current hypothesis is that he blacks out when his powers kick in. In any event, stray lasers are less of an issue working remotely.