We're Hiring!

Who isn't, right? But, wait, there's more!

We aren't looking to hire, per se, but to work with great people. We also don't hire in bulk. We aren't looking to become a large company, just a happy, healthy one. If you know anything about us, you probably already have an idea about whether Panda Strike is for you. If you're curious, contact us to learn more.


A few nice benefits: we focus on project work, we try to use interesting technologies (Node and Elasticsearch come to mind), and we have no problem with remote work. We are a 100% results-oriented shop.<small>The only catch is that we also follow the No Asshole Rule. You have to be able to play well with others.</small> If you can deliver results, it doesn't matter whether you are in an office, at a standing desk, or using your telekinetic powers to manipulate streams of electrons.<small>Admittedly, in that case, we should probably talk about the whole telekinesis thing.</small>


As far as technologies go, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript are all pretty relevant, but what we really look for are strong engineers. You can learn a language easily enough. So if you've got strong C++ or Java chops, or really any background that suggests you have the calling, come at us.