Open Source Projects

We're fans of the Open Web, to put it mildly.

As technologists, we understand that we work in a special field. Our work is "stackable". When one person builds something, it is not just valuable to the person doing the building; it makes technology, as a whole, more valuable. Open-source technologies are an incredible human achievement, allowing you to draw from millions of person-hours of engineering expertise and make your paycheck bigger.

That is doubly true for the Open Web. As distributed computing, it intrinsically benefits from network effects. When used properly, Web technologies have the effect of "creating more Web", increasing their utility exponentially.

We're committed to giving back to that ecosystem, and Create More Web is our guiding philosophy for deciding how to invest our time. We see the next generation of Open Web technologies as

  1. Properly executed HTTP APIs deployed on Serverless architectures
  2. The use of Web Components to improve software encapsulation and design in the frontend.

Open-source projects have a way of taking over the world. So, take a look around.

Flagship Projects

These are the projects with the most visibility and a high-level feature-set. They give developers, today, the ability to publish next generation Web apps. Apps that respect HTTP and Open Web standards while "publishing" Serverless infrastructure leveraging and Web Components in the browser.

Foundational Tools

These are lower-level libraries that power the flagship projects. Their aim is to get out of the developer's way and deliver expressive power.


Who enjoys having their life made easier? We do! These lightweight libraries make the trials of development easier to manage by providing a consistent implementation of code you find yourself writing often.

Containers and Virtual Machines

This is a collection of libraries used with popular 3rd party products that your app would run in containers.

CLI Tools

These libraries run from the commandline and do things so you don't have to.